What are the heavens telling us?


Citing biblical passages about signs and wonders in the heavens, more than a few have been talking about whether biblical prophecies in Scripture are being fulfilled.

One incident that received widespread coverage, for example, was a lightning bolt that struck St. Peter’s Basilica just hours after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation.
NEW U.S. Weapon?
The meteor that shook Russia, along with numerous other meteors documented over the last month, also have believers and non-believers alike wondering where this all may be going.

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America Under God’s Judgment- The Battle Hymn of the Republic


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The Battle Hymn of the Republic and The Harbinger

About 150 years ago, Julia Ward Howe wrote a patriotic and prophetic song the Battle Hymn of the Republic regarding the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to wreak judgment upon America. Then recently in 2012, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, in his New York Times best seller book The Harbinger, wrote also of the coming judgment upon America similar to that of ancient Israel more than 2500 years ago. We will look into both the song and the book to learn of why America is under judgment and why God will deal so harshly with America.

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