Sky News: Volcano erupts with smoke on Sumatra

Sky News: Volcano erupts with smoke on Sumatra.

China’s Changbaishan volcano showing signs of increased activity

China’s Changbaishan volcano showing signs of increased activity.

We Are Weak, Rebellious Creatures With Such A Short Memory…

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? — GOD — With so many forgetting so quickly how everything started going off the charts in intensity as far as earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, uprisings, and other disasters, that we need to have reminder of just how many deadly, costly earthquakes there were from 2011 shown with sound and animation. Also pictures of the Japanese tsunami damage that resulted from the 9.0 great earthquake of 2011. The video of the 2011 earthquakes is below the pictures.

” For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.” Matthew 24:7-8 Maranatha! Praise The Lord ††† Amen!



7/3/2012 — Large volcanic steam plumes erupt near Mono Lake Supervolcano California / Nevada

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On the central east border of California / Nevada the dormant / extinct Mono Lake supervolcano has given off at least three large steam plume eruptive events yesterday ( july 2, 2012 ) in the afternoon going into sunset.

Seen on College of Dupage visible GOES satellite image of CA / NV .

We have been seen these “steam events” occur on a scale which seems to be increasing exponentially.

What started as a few plume events has now spiraled out of control into entire states shutting off Aquifer access… cover stories of Al Queda starting fires… multiple hot springs, dormant volcanic areas, mines, caves, and drilling operations are now releasing steam on a massive scale.

In some cases.. this steam is rapidly rising to produce HAIL AND DAMAGING WINDS !!!

Those who follow my facebook posts are welcome to scroll back down through to see the coordinates of each plume i’ve documented as indeed coming from Caves, drilling operations, dormant volcanoes, hot springs etc..

Just a few examples of recent events :

the colorado wildfire.. “waldo canyon”.. actually at the Manitou springs location…

the dead boyscouts.. in Thermopolis WY near yellowstone, in Hot Springs county..

the steam plume from Chinati hot springs in Texas..

the steam plume from Dead Porcupine caves in Wyoming

the steam plumes from north central texas near amarillo at the fracking operations..

the invisible (to the naked eye) plumes from Pisgah volcanic region which appear only on RADAR in California east of Los Angeles..

also.. all the daily steam plume events in Mexico..

these examples above are just the tip of the iceberg. Go back through my facebook posts for all the coordinates.. or go back through my youtube page and search the term ‘plume’ .

Once again, to sum it up.. I believe we are seeing a magma interaction at a shallow level.. causing a steam event to occur over a VERY LARGE area.. from mexico up the front range of the US to Wyoming.. east into texas.. west to california at mono lake now.

The area seems to move over time.. I have noticed a sun / daytime connection which leads me to believe it is a gravitational effect the sun has on the magma.. as the earth rotates.. the magma is “pulled” like a giant tide of the ocean.. towards the sun.

The magma , as it is “pulled up” towards / into the crust.. causes a heating to take place at areas which have deep shafts in the ground. Drilling operations / Injection wells filled with water.. caves filled with water.. deep aquifers .. mines filled with water.. dormant volcanoes gas vents filled with water / mini aquifers in the magma..

all are steaming off now on a daily basis.

I hope this is just a natural process that we are only now able to observe due to new technology (satellites etc).. there is no doubt in my mind now as to whether this is magma related… now it is just a matter of figuring out what the effects (short term and long term) will be.

A possible earthquake precursor, or just accelerating subduction on the west coast? Whatever the cause, the effect is steaming across half a continent.

Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano growing more active

June 16, 2012 – MEXICO – Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano is showing more signs of activity. Nighttime footage from a permanent camera set up near the volcano showed it was belching out incandescent rocks and smoke. The National Center for Disaster Prevention has registered 68 exhalations of gas vapor and ash of medium intensity coming from the volcano in the last 24 hours. The volcano can also be seen spewing ash in daytime footage. The volcanic mountain sits roughly halfway between Mexico City and Puebla with some 25 million people living within a 60-mile radius. Popo, as it is commonly known, has erupted small amounts of ash almost daily since activity began in 1994. Officials have not ordered any evacuations.  –KABC

Strong activity reported at Italy’s Stromboli volcano

June 9, 2012 – ITALY– Stromboli volcano is in a phase of strong activity. Reports by visitors and images taken with the webcams show that in particular the northwestern vent in the summit crater often produces strong explosions that shower the crater terrace with incandescent lava. Since the last lateral eruption in March 2007, Stromboli has been in a heightened state of activity overall during most of the past years, indicating that magma levels inside the conduit are relatively high. The question is when again the magma finds its way out through a fissure on the flank on Sciara del Fuoco to produce another effusive eruption with a new lava flow. –Volcano Discovery– 

The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

Manam Volcano, in Papua New Guinea, Sees Mild Eruptions.

June 5, 2012 – The Manam Volcano Sees Mild Eruptions: The SW avalanche valley, one of four large regularly spaced radial valleys that extend from the summit of Manam volcano to its lower flanks, is seen above in August 1972. The SW valley is the smallest of four and is located below the southern summit crater, which is steaming in the distance. The headwalls of the valleys expand into distinctive amphitheaters, which are straddled by the summit cone. During larger eruptionspyroclastic flows and lava flowsdescend all four valleys, sometimes to the coast.

Residents living around Manam Island off Madang in Papua New Guineahave been warned to take precautions after volcanic eruptions on the island. Manam is one of PNG’s most active volcanoes and recent explosions in the craters have been heard 15 kilometers (9 miles) away. Ima Itakarai fromRabaul’s Volcanology Observatory says he doesn’t believe a major eruption is imminent, but it cannot be ruled out. “There has been an ongoing mild eruptive activity happening at one of the craters on the side of Manam,” he said. “That activity has consisted of occasional plumes, coming up every now and then, with a bright glow at night.“ (Credits: Photo by Wally Johnson, 1972, of the Australia Bureau of Mineral Resources; Narrative: The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and RSOE EDIS).

The Master of Disaster