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Iran has a new president-elect that the Administration and the media think is a “moderate.” Does this sound like a “moderate?” In 1993, Hassan Rohani officially approved the bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 85 people were killed (mostly Jews) and more than 300 injured.

He approved of Iran’s brutal crackdown on student protesters in 1999. He brags of deceiving the West into allowing Iran’s nuclear program to go forward while serving as Iran’s nuclear negotiator with the Europeans.

Also, Rohani has had a long and close relationship with Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei — something not common among true Iranian “moderates.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns the West not to expect much of a change in Iran. He points out that in Iran the president “doesn’t call the shots,” the Supreme Leader does. And he hasn’t changed.

Here’s something that may surprise you. Remember the Taliban? They’re the guys we’ve been fighting in Afghanistan, the ones who sheltered and fought alongside Osama bin-Laden.

They’re the ones who ran Afghanistan for a few years and who are known for their brutality and cruelty — all in the name of Islam.

They publicly lop off the limbs of “infidels;” behead youngsters scavenging for food; behead teenagers (17 of them) who ill-advisedly attend a party that includes both boys and girls; shoot a 15-year old girl in the head for wanting to go to school; strap dynamite belts on small children and send them to American soldiers to beg for candy; treat women and girls as cattle… and that’s just the stuff they’ve done recently that we know about!

Anyway, those are the guys President Obama has decided to negotiate with for “peace” in Afghanistan. Not the elected president we’ve spent billions establishing and supporting in office. Apparently, the State Department feels they can influence the Taliban into “renouncing terrorism and violence.”

Maybe at the same time the Administration can influence baseball players into renouncing the use of bats while playing the game!

What’s more, the Taliban doesn’t have to give an inch or offer any concessions before the U.S. hands them Afghanistan on a silver platter. They know all of our combat troops will be out of the country next year. They know because our President announced it! If I could find a word more accurate than “stupid,” I’d use it.

“Naive” might work, but I don’t think naivete is involved here. I think, however, it was naivete that drove former President George W. Bush to believe that “democracy” is an antidote to terrorism, poverty, human rights abuses, and a host of other problems plaguing the world. Just because the American Revolution worked here doesn’t mean it’s going to work everywhere.

Just a few years later, it didn’t work in France. In fact, revolution there produced the “Reign of Terror.” And “revolution” as evidenced in the “Arab Spring” hasn’t worked in the Middle East, either. The governments that replaced the old regimes are more brutal and suppressive than their predecessors. Iran is the perfect example of revolution gone wrong. And the Egyptians, among others, are now paying the price, too.

Why? Because democracy doesn’t survive in cultures dominated by Islam — which is the antithesis of freedom of choice and action. Democracy is a beautiful thing, but by itself, it isn’t enough. Democracy works best in places where Biblical principles are respected.

It eventually dies everywhere that respect dies. That’s because liberty by itself leads to depravity. Depravity leads to tyranny.

I’ve got news for our government and the West: if you expect the al-Qaeda-led rebels in Syria to successfully set up a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people, you are sadly mistaken. (Once again, if I could find a better word than “stupid,” I’d use it.) It will work no better there than in Iran, Egypt, Iraq, or Afghanistan. History tells us that Muslim nations have never long remained democracies. But history also teaches us that man learns nothing from history.

Finally, the World Council of Churches recently issued a statement condemning Israel. The WCC authoritatively pronounced Jerusalem “an occupied city with a government which has adopted discriminatory policies against Christians and Muslims alike.”

The WCC also says that “Christian Zionism distort[s] the interpretation of the Word of God and the historic connection of Palestinians — Christians and Muslims — to the Holy Land….” I’m not sure where the WCC gets its information, but I can tell you two things: when they complain about Christian Zionists’ wrong interpretation of the Bible, they have to mean that we take the Bible as literally true and authoritative — while they do not.

Second, when they seek justification by referring to “Palestinian Christians” more than once, they’re being disingenuous. The truth is that Christians are a very small minority in the Palestinian areas and they are often persecuted by the Palestinians. But in Israel, Christians are accepted and respected. And it’s infinitely better to be a Muslim in Israel than a Jew or Christian in any Arab or Muslim country.

And the WCC laughably refers to “the historic connection of Palestinians… to the Holy Land….” The Palestinians, as a people, have only existed for a few decades (invented by Yasser Arafat and his cronies) while Israel’s historic connection to the land must be measured in millennia.

When these phony Christians condemn the “intolerance” of the most tolerant, open, and accepting society in the Middle East, they reveal more about themselves than about Israel.

Israel fights every day to survive. Remember how you felt when you first heard about the bombings at the Boston Marathon? Three died. That feeling is a regular part of Israeli life. From 2001 to 2006, there were 441 terrorist attacks that claimed 1,161 Israeli lives and injured more than 8,600 others.

The World Council of Churches says the way to peace is for Israel to withdraw to its “1967 borders.” But the terrorists and the Palestinians say this won’t satisfy them. They won’t be satisfied until Israel is annihilated from the face of the earth. For radical Muslim leaders (are there any others?), the problem is not what Israel does, it’s that Israel exists.

The Bible is very specific about what will happen to those who mistreat or abuse His people. Whether you are a Muslim who hates Israel or a Christian who has so allegorized the Word of God that you think you can be against Israel and get away with it, you will not. God keeps His word. Don’t think He’ll not keep it now.

I pray that you’ll have a happy Fourth of July. Take a few moments to express your gratitude to God for the blessings of this wonderful country. We are, without doubt, the most blessed people on earth. Take time, too, to make certain the young ones in your family hear the story of our founding and understand how truly privileged we are.

God bless the United States of America.



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We live in a world and at a time that could only have been envisioned by true prophets of God.

Sales of George Orwell’s book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, are up 6,000% because of his eerie foreshadowing of events that are unfolding in America today. In fact, his warnings about what might happen to citizens under the thumb of big government have given rise to the common use of the word “Orwellian.” It describes a society rife with secret, universal surveillance, elaborate deceptions by government officials, and manipulation of the record of the past by an authoritarian state to support its current narrative. But Orwell’s book was published only 35 years before 1984 and recent totalitarian governments had provided a blueprint upon which Orwell could confidently make his fictional predictions.

The ancient prophets, however, lived and wrote thousands of years before the times they described with unnerving accuracy. They wrote about events and conditions that were totally impossible for them to even imagine or conjure. That’s why I say that they were true prophets of God, because only God could have inspired them to write with such pinpoint precision.

On this week’s program, I am going to report on three current developments that the prophets and Apostles described with unbelievable accuracy. They’re made all the more remarkable because those men could not possibly have even conceived of how these events could occur.

They are: the rapidly worsening crisis in Syria that threatens to involve the world; the public ridicule of the Rapture depicted in two movie comedies released this month; and the recent revelations of how much data capacity the National Security Agency (NSA) is amassing. Capacity that every scrap of information about every American could not begin to fill, but would be necessary if the same information were gathered and stored for every human living on earth!

First, America is being sucked into what could only be described as a “holy war” in Syria. It is one that we do not want to join and one that will never be won — by anyone.

Second, the Apostle Peter warned that “in the last days, scoffers will come….” The movies “Rapture Palooza” and “This is the End” are but the latest examples of how that prediction is coming to life in modern America.

Then, the NSA is building data centers that will soon be able to record and store (literally, not figuratively) “everything” about everyone on earth (not just the USA) and keep it “forever.” These are not my words, but the words of the CIA’s Chief Technology Officer. Now, the question we must ask is, “Why does the NSA need so much data storage capacity?”

I believe there’s a simple answer. In the misguided (but prophesied) search for “peace and safety,” we are trading our freedoms — maybe even our souls — for the false promise of security. Without doubt, and also without explanation, the NSA and other agencies in other nations are being compelled to build facilities they don’t need for reasons they don’t understand. But waiting in the wings stands one who is about to be unveiled and who will know exactly what to do with them.

When the Antichrist and his cohort, the False Prophet, finally step onto the world’s stage, they will find a vast technological infrastructure already built and waiting for them to use to fulfill the prophecies of the Apostle John in the 13th chapter of the Book of Revelation.

I plan on not being here. Accept the free gift of pardon that Jesus Christ bought for you with his brutal death on Calvary, and you will escape those horrible days, too.



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Ari Mandel grew up in an orthodox Jewish family. After a stint in the U.S. Army, though, he gravitated toward atheism.

As a joke, Mandel recently put his place in heaven up for auction on eBay. He explained that he didn’t really believe in heaven any longer, but that he had lived an exemplary life full of good deeds.

In the auction, he offered two contracts: one that transferred his heavenly reservation to the winner and a second that guaranteed he wouldn’t do anything in this life to put that reservation in jeopardy.

What started out as a prank, though, appealed to bidders desperate to make certain they had a place in heaven at the end of this life. Bidding for Mandel’s assumed place in heaven reached almost $100,000, with 181 bidders.

When it became aware of the auction, eBay immediately pulled it from the site. Their rules state that sellers can’t auction off “intangibles.”

I suppose there are two disappointed parties here. Mandel, because he won’t get the proceeds from the auction and the future winner because he or she won’t get Mandel’s spot in heaven.

However, I can guarantee that even if the auction had reached its conclusion and money and contracts exchanged hands, there still would be two disappointed parties here. Mandel, because he had mistakenly concluded there was no heaven to gain and the auction winner, because he had mistakenly assumed Mandel’s good deeds had reserved him a spot there and that the spot could actually be purchased!

The point of this discussion, though, is that you can’t earn or buy your way into heaven. You can only go to heaven by accepting God’s complimentary ticket of admission: the free gift of pardon Jesus purchased by His death on Calvary. Now, to me, that’s a no-brainer!

But somebody needs to let Pope Francis know about this little caveat.

Recently, the new Pope made some remarks that have greatly perplexed and confused Catholics and Christians all over the world. Although, I must say, they’ve delighted the liberal theologians and atheists who don’t believe in heaven anyway.

In an interview with Vatican Radio, the Pope seemed to imply that even atheists have a legitimate shot at heaven if they are workers of good deeds. That sent shock waves throughout the church (both his and others).

In an effort to clarify the Pope’s statement, a Vatican spokesman waded in and successfully muddied the waters even further.

Now whether Pope Francis really meant what he said or it was simply a clumsy attempt to be “inclusive” and inviting to non-believers, I don’t know. But taken at face value, the pontiff appears to be changing the rules of the game.

But this is not a game. This is eternally final business. Decisions that will determine our eternal destinies must be based on correct information and a proper understanding of that information. What the Pope said is, at best, misleading, and, at worst, damning.

There is only one way to heaven and that is through acceptance of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. No one can earn, merit, qualify for, or purchase his or her entrance into heaven. To believe so will only lead to eternal disappointment and anguish.

Let’s cut to the chase. You either believe now, accept God’s free gift of pardon that Jesus Christ purchased on Calvary, and go to heaven when you die, or you die an unbeliever and go to a place of torments — no matter how many good deeds you’ve done or how exemplary and meritorious your life on earth has been.

I’m sorry if you’ve grown up believing otherwise. You’ve been misled. I’m sure Pope Francis is a wonderful man and means nothing but the best, but he’s dead wrong on this one. And if you believe it, you’ll be dead wrong, too. Forever.

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Hal Lindsey
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By Hal Lindsey


The folks in Oklahoma and in Israel have something in common. They both want to build more shelters in schools and homes.

Of course, in Oklahoma they need shelters from tornadoes. In Israel, they need shelter from rockets.

Some analysts say Hezbollah may possess more than 60,000 rockets and missiles. Syria more than 100,000. And Syria also controls the third largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world.

Many Israeli homes and schools already contain ‘safe rooms’ or bomb shelters, but they’re only built to provide protection from conventional rockets or missiles. Israel’s leaders are so concerned about the threat of chemical or biological weapons attacks that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered gas masks and kits for all Israelis.

To be an Israeli today means feeling surrounded. You have sworn enemies in Lebanon and Syria to the north; enemy sympathizers in Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia to the east; armies of terrorists across your border to the south in the Sinai peninsula; beyond that, a rapidly deteriorating peace with Egypt; and sworn enemies within your borders in Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Fatah and the PLO in the West Bank.

And looming above them all is Iran.

Last week, Iran publicly displayed a new group of TELs, or Transporter Erector (Missile) Launchers. They are launch platforms for Iran’s Shahab-3 ballistic missiles. Based on a North Korean design, Iran’s missiles have a range of 1,200 miles and can carry cluster warheads containing up to 1,400 bombs each.

The idea was to demonstrate Iran’s growing firepower and ability to overwhelm Israeli missile defenses with a barrage of ballistic missiles.

On top of that, as Iran prepares for its upcoming presidential election to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the mullahs are bracing for another round of citizen unrest and protest over what will surely be another rigged election. Based on the massive protests that followed the last presidential election, if the ayatollahs feel that they’re losing their grip on the nation, it’s not inconceivable that they may decide to engage Israel to switch focus from the domestic turmoil.

Recently, two leading military figures, retired generals James Cartwright, former Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Amos Yadlin, former head of the Israel Defense Forces Military Intelligence, published a joint document. In it, they put forth a theoretical sequence of events and speculated that eventually U.S. President Barack Obama will realize that inaction is more dangerous than action. Cartwright and Yadlin believe that he will decide to act to stop Iran’s progress toward nuclear weapons. And they argued that it must be America that leads the effort, not Israel.

What they say obviously makes sense, but what will our scandal-beleagured President actually do? What do you think?

Based on the reasoning behind his recent assertion that the “war on terror” (though he refuses to use that phrase) is basically over — and we won — I would speculate that he won’t feel inclined to do much of anything about Iran.

Ironically, despite what the administration would have us believe, most Americans realize that the war against terrorists is far from over. And if you’re keeping up with what’s happening in Syria, you are probably concerned that the organization that President Obama claims we have defeated — al Qaeda — is leading the fight against President Bashar al-Assad, and we’re arming them!

So we are arming and assisting a terrorist organization that President Obama recently claimed we have decimated.

That makes as much sense to me as does the claim by one of Mr. Obama’s appointees, U.S. Attorney Bill Killian in Tennessee, that the First Amendment was written to protect the government from the influence of Christianity. The Department of Justice strikes again!

I see the fingerprints of American university professors all over his ignorance. Will someone please inform Mr. Killian that he has it backwards. The First Amendment was written to protect Christianity, and all other religions, from the government!

Sad to say, the more we learn about the Department of Justice, the scarier it becomes.

And finally, Margaret Chan, the Director-General of the World Health Organization, recently labeled a new virus that seems to have originated in Saudi Arabia as a “threat to the entire world.” MERS-CoV is a cousin to the mysterious SARS virus that killed thousands around 2002.

Unfortunately, this is just the latest in a growing number of plagues, viruses, and “pestilences” that are wreaking havoc across the world. Included among these are “superbugs” like MRSA, the stubborn and aggressive staph infection that kills up to 40,000 Americans a year. MRSA is making it dangerous even to go to the hospital for a routine procedure.

And worse, these superbugs are resistant to all our drugs and antibiotics. In fact, our success at combating them has backfired. Instead, our antibiotics have killed off the weaker strains and left only the strong to survive and reproduce.

Scientists at Duke University estimate that “even with the use of pesticides, over one-third of our food is lost to pests.” One third. That’s a present day pestilence of Biblical proportions.

I think it’s safe to say that we are living in a “time of pestilence.” In Luke 21, Jesus warned that in the last days “there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences.”

On this week’s program, I’ll name just a few of the plagues and pestilences that are engulfing our world. I think you’ll be stunned to see how precisely Christ’s description of these days is being fulfilled.

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Hal Lindsey
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This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’ May 31st, 2013 {Video}

575By Hal Lindsey


In 55 years of prophetic ministry, I have never uttered the words: “Israel has bombed Damascus” – until May of 2013. Three weeks ago, for the first time, Israel struck targets inside the city of Damascus. The airstrikes were part of an effort to keep missiles and chemical weapons out of the hands of two groups: Hezbollah, who is fighting on the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and al-Qaeda, who is leading the fight against him.

Why is this important? Because the prophet Isaiah predicted that in the last days Damascus would be laid waste and never inhabited again. He specified three important points in Isaiah 17. First, the entire city will become a “fallen heap of ruins.” In other words, totally destroyed. Second, it will never be re-inhabited or rebuilt. Third, this destruction will happen suddenly. In fact, during the darkness of one night.

Now, when Isaiah wrote these words, the sword was probably the most advanced weapon that men wielded. The weaponry capable of laying waste to a massive city in the course of a few hours was uninvented – even unimagined.

In those times, when invaders conquered a city – and destroyed it – they usually just built a new one on the ruins. Yet this ancient prophet described an event and a result that could only be accomplished by the use of nuclear weapons – even to the fact that nuclear contamination would prevent the use of that area ever again.

As I’ve noted before, Damascus is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world that has never been totally destroyed. That means that Isaiah’s prophecy is yet to be fulfilled. In fact, it is the only end-times prophecy – outside the ones concerning the seven-year Tribulation and its end with Christ’s return to set up the millennial kingdom – that remains unfulfilled.

So why bring this up now? Well, as I said in the beginning, this month Israel’s air force struck targets inside the city of Damascus. The fact that Israel was willing to take such a risk indicates the gravity of the threat. Syria has the third largest chemical weapons stockpile in the world and 100,000 missiles. That means that when Assad falls, either Hezbollah – his ally – or al Qaeda – his enemy – will gain possession of those weapons of mass destruction. And both are determined to destroy Israel.

The Israelis are determined that none of the missiles or chemical weapons Syria possesses will end up in the control of Hezbollah or al-Qaeda.

Now as daunting a challenge as this appears, it may be the lesser of Israel’s worries at the moment. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad knows that he’s headed for the door – one way or the other. Even most of the Arab world is standing against him. It has probably occurred to him that the only way he can hang on is if he can reverse that and rally the other Arab nations to his side.

How can he make that happen? Simple, provoke Israel into entering the war currently being waged in Syria between his government and the opposition rebels. Though the Muslim sects – Sunni, Shia, and Alawite – hate each other, they hate Israel even more. If Israel entered the war, then Assad reckons that most of the Arab and Muslim nations will rally to his side and he can hang on to power.

Saddam Hussein tried that in the 1991 Gulf War by hurling 39 SCUDS at Israel, but Israel didn’t bite. This time, though, Assad’s weapons are infinitely more dangerous and diabolical. That’s why one of Israel’s generals recently warned that if Syria dares launch any of its biological or chemical weapons at Israel, they would respond with whatever it takes, even “to the edge of the spectrum,” to defend themselves.

Folks, I think “…the edge of the spectrum…” implies Israel’s willingness to use any means, even tactical nuclear weapons, to stop an all-out WMD assault by Syria. Tel Aviv lies only 133 miles from Damascus. Syrian missiles will reach it in mere minutes. That’s how long Israel’s leaders will have to respond. And they already know that to stop Syria, their response will have to be massive and final.

And we know how seriously Israel takes this threat. Seriously enough to launch airstrikes inside Damascus and risk the wrath of the world.

The bottom line is that we are at a critical juncture in this Middle East crisis – both politically and prophetically. Things could explode at any moment and we find ourselves hurtling forward in the end-times scenario.

This week, I’m going to examine this crisis. I’ll show you what the prophets had to say about these days and how stunningly accurate their predictions are turning out to be. I’ll also show you how Russia, our “partner” in the peace process in Syria, is strengthening Assad’s resolve by arming the other side. And I’ll show you how Israel’s prophesied devastation of Damascus may leave them vulnerable and in need of the protection of the Antichrist.

If you are interested in the events of the “end times,” you have a front row seat.

But that’s not all. Also this week, I’ll discuss the alarming rise in suicides in America. Did you know that for the first time in the “automobile era,” more Americans now die by suicide than by traffic accidents?

Why? Well, I’m sure there are lots of reasons, but I think one of the most important may be the loss of ‘hope.’ Forty years ago, I wrote about what’s coming for “The Terminal Generation.” I followed that book with a later one titled: “Hope for the Terminal Generation.”

Believe it or not, there IS hope for this generation. Paul said that “if in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.” But, thank God, we have more than hope in this life, we have a ‘certainty’ about God’s promises for the future. In fact, the Bible says that if we think God has been faithful and generous to us in the past (by giving us His greatest gift when we were His enemies), just think how “much more” faithful and kind and generous He’ll be now that we are His children!

And if ever there was a time when we need that certainty, it’s today as we stand witness to the twilight of this Age.

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This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’ May 24th, 2013 {Video}

575By Hal Lindsey


On this week’s program, I feel compelled to speak to you in my ministry as a “watchman on the wall.” In ancient times, the watchmen stood atop the walls of the city. From that vantage point, they scoured the horizon for approaching danger. If they spotted something or someone approaching that implied a threat to the city, they loudly shouted the warnings. The defenders of the city then sprang into action to repel the invader or handle the danger.

In just as vital a capacity, the prophets in the Old Testament were also “watchmen” who warned the leaders and the people of what they saw coming upon them as the Lord revealed it to them. They were often the conscience of the nation. They chastised, warned, and corrected leaders and kings. God used them to speak His will to the nation.

In much the same way, today’s church and her ministers of the Gospel should be the conscience of our nation. But, in ways incremental and unnoticeable on the one hand, and fast and furious on the other, that role is being limited and may soon be completely suppressed.

In past shows during the 16 years this program has been on the air (originally as “The International Intelligence Briefing” on TBN), I’ve warned of threats to the church and its “watchman” role posed by the moral and spiritual deterioration of our society. Today, however, I see dangers even more ominous.

As President Obama’s administration finds itself engulfed in multiplying — and ever-widening — scandals, it’s alarming how many of them involve the restriction of our rights as citizens, the destruction of institutions and liberties vital to our national freedom, and the suppression of any opposition — especially the church and her ministers — that is perceived as a threat to the administration’s intentions.

Folks, I believe we are at a crossroads. If we turn a blind eye to the cynical and callous actions of some of our elected and appointed leaders, we will regret it sooner rather than later. Don’t be misled by the still-sleeping (or brain-dead) mainstream media, the goal of the “operations” that are now being exposed is the total control of our society and its citizens.

Here are just a few of the scandals that are in the news today: the IRS targeting of conservative and religious groups; the Justice Department crusades against the Associated Press and Fox News (the two that we know about so far); the cover-up of the lethal al Qaeda-led attack on our compound in Benghazi in which our Ambassador and three others died; the attacks on the rights of Christians in the armed services; the EPA’s prejudicial treatment of non-liberal organizations; “Fast and Furious”; the across-the-board suppression of any information or policy that exposes the true intentions of Islamists in America; the almost-fanatical push to promote same-sex marriage and the abortion agenda; and the mounting revelations of “unintended consequences” in the implementation of Obamacare.

The net result of the success of even a few of these efforts will be the curtailment of our rights as Americans and Christians.

I know whereof I speak. Over the last couple of years, my ministry (and this television program) has been under unusually close scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service. Because of your willingness to stand with me in intercessory prayer for God’s protection and also because of the personal integrity and diligence of some of the IRS employees who handled our case, we’ve made it through okay, thus far.

But I have to admit that I was stunned by the interpretation applied by the IRS as to what constitutes a “church” or a “minister.” Under those definitions, the Apostle Paul couldn’t have qualified for a 501(c)3! I believe there is a movement afoot to eliminate what the Bible defines as “apostolic” ministry — where a minister is appointed and gifted to speak to the whole church. That could, in effect, eliminate many non-pastoral or parachurch ministries.

Indeed, I know also that there is coming a push to require churches — which are and have always been, by their nature, “tax exempt” without having to “qualify” with a government agency — to apply for status as 501(c)3 organizations to maintain the tax-exempt status they already have! You can see where that’s going. The IRS would be the government bureau that decides if your church is qualified to be a church and if your pastor is qualified to be a minister. If that happens, that means the IRS will be the official interpreter of what the Bible teaches. (It’s already designated to be the “enforcer” of Obamacare!)

Is that what we want? If the government controls us, then it can effectively mute the voice of God to the people and to the leadership. It can silence the church by starving it and even confining its leaders if they transgress the will of the State.

Well, I suppose you’ve guessed by now what I’ll be discussing on this week’s “Report.” Tune in and encourage your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow church members to do the same. This is a time when we all need to be informed and united as never before!

Please join me to pray for those in Moore, Oklahoma, and other communities that have suffered devastating tornadoes over the last few days. There’s nothing like the power and swiftness of these kinds of natural disasters to remind us how small and helpless we are in the greater scheme of things — and how important it is to trust God and always be spiritually ready for the moment this life ends. If you’re not ready for that moment, simply confess your sin; ask Jesus to forgive you and cleanse you; then trust Him to do that and accept the free gift of pardon He died on Calvary to purchase for you. You’ve just changed your eternal destiny!

Also, please have a safe and memorable Memorial Day weekend. Take some time to thank God for the men and women who gave their all to defend America’s — and the world’s — freedom. Thank Him, too, and pray for the brave ones who daily place their lives on the line to protect our nation and defend liberty around the world. We owe them a debt of gratitude we can never begin to repay. God bless them and God bless our beloved country.



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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’ May 17th, 2013 {Video}

575Post by Hal Lindsey


Last January, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The committee was probing the attack on our diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, that resulted in the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others from the mission.

In a moment of frustration that has already returned to haunt Mrs. Clinton, the Secretary blurted out: “What difference, at this point in time, does it make?”

She was responding to combative questions about “who” the killers were – terrorists or a runaway mob protesting an obscure movie promo on the internet. Obviously straining hard to avoid truthfully answering the question and thus indicting herself and her boss, Mrs. Clinton almost screamed, “What difference… does it make?”

Two things disturb me about that question. First, if our Secretary of State honestly didn’t realize what difference it makes, then she should not have been Secretary of State (or even a Senator as she was previously), much less President (as she wants to be).

Second, if she did realize the difference it makes, then she was scrambling hard to cover up her and her boss’s culpability (and dishonesty) and she thought she could bully the Senators into submission.

Either conclusion is disturbing.

Fast forward to April 17. Present Secretary of State John Kerry appeared before a House committee hearing. During the questioning, the subject of Benghazi came up. When pressed about what he planned to do about rectifying the situation and finding the culprits responsible for the breakdown of security that caused the death of our Ambassador, Kerry also became a bit annoyed and dismissed the questioning with this statement: “We got a lot more important things to move on to and get done.”

Again, two things disturb me about that response. First, for a Secretary of State, who is personally responsible for the safety of the Ambassadors and personnel under his leadership, what could possibly be more important than discovering what went wrong in Benghazi, who was responsible, where the killers are now, and how we can prevent it from happening again?

Second, doesn’t anyone in the Democrat party remember the motto of one of their most respected past Presidents? Harry Truman famously displayed a slogan on his desk that was unequivocal. It read: “The buck stops here.”

Apparently this Administration thinks that slogan means “the male deer stops by here occasionally to graze the south lawn!” (Speaking of ducking responsibility, I see today that Nancy Pelosi is publicly blaming George W. Bush for the IRS scandal. See what I mean?)

I don’t know how anyone could have watched last week’s House hearings and not been incredulous at the way the Administration handled that crisis. How could you not be outraged that those same officials who stood by as our Ambassador and three others were brutally killed, then chose to cover up their incompetence (or worse, it could be their fear of offending Muslims or their fear of offending the American electorate) by lying to the American people for weeks after the tragedy.

On this week’s program, I’ll give you several reasons why I think Benghazi matters to America.

Wired magazine recently revealed that the new immigration bill currently wending its way through Congress may contain a little surprise. Within the 800-page bipartisan bill “is language mandating the creation of… ‘photo tool’, a massive federal database administered by the Department of Homeland Security and containing the names, ages, Social Security numbers and photographs of everyone in the country with a driver’s license or other state-issued photo ID.”

Requiring employers to search this database before hiring anyone, the idea is to stop employers from hiring illegal aliens. But this measure swats that fly with a sledgehammer!

Even the ACLU is uncomfortable with the idea of the government “keeping a record of all things.”

Hey, I know one guy who will be very appreciative if this system is in place when he finally rises to power. I don’t know his name yet, he’s not been revealed, but I’ll bet he’s watching to see what happens to this legislation.

Syria continues to spiral into chaos. I don’t recall there being a regional or national crisis as geopolitically confusing or sensitive as this one. There really aren’t any “good guys” in this civil war. Of course, Bashar al Assad is a brutal dictator (though not as decisively brutal as his father), but the rebels are led by none other than al Qaeda. And though the West doesn’t want Assad to remain in power, neither do we want the rebels to gain control of his chemical WMD arsenal. And, surprisingly, Israel would prefer to deal with the devil it knows (the self-preserving Assad), than the devil it doesn’t (the terrorist rebels with chemical weapons).

As a result, the New York Times is calling southern Syria “an ungoverned area.” Sounds like the Sinai peninsula, doesn’t it? Israel continues to be surrounded by a ring of enemies that are growing increasingly hostile: Lebanon (Hezbollah), Syria, the “rebels” in lawless southern Syria, Jordan (under increasing threat by the Palestinian majority), the jihadists in the lawless Sinai peninsula, Egypt, and Gaza (Hamas). Of course, beyond them are Iraq, Iran, and the other Arab/Muslim states that despise Israel; and within Israel are the Palestinians.

And the Syrian crisis is making for some strange bedfellows. Turkey’s fear of Syria is encouraging a rapprochement with Israel. Even Russia, which stands to lose its Mediterranean naval base at Tartus, is making unusual and disquieting diplomatic overtures to Israel.

Prophetically, we know that Syria will sooner or later fall into tremendous armed conflict. The prophet Isaiah predicts in the 17th chapter of his book that, overnight, Damascus will be utterly destroyed and rendered forever uninhabitable. We know that prophecy has yet to be fulfilled because Damascus is still standing today and is the world’s oldest inhabited city that has never been destroyed and rebuilt.

If nothing else, that unfulfilled prophecy alone should encourage all of us to be ready for Christ’s imminent return to rapture His Church before the awful events of the Great Tribulation begin.

And speaking of Christ’s church, it grieves me to say that I believe the “church” in America in these last days more closely resembles the church at Laodicea described by the Apostle John in Revelation 3. Jesus said that it was blind to its own failures and shortcomings and mistakenly thought it was successful because it was rich and needed nothing. Instead, Jesus said, it disgusted Him because it was “neither cold nor hot,” but “lukewarm.” And because it was lukewarm, He wanted to “spit you out of My mouth.”

Friends, as we rush headlong into the final days of the Church Age, let’s follow Christ’s own advice in the third chapter of Revelation. Humbly ask Him to make us “gold refined by fire” and provide us “white garments (His righteousness) so that you may clothe yourself” and “eye salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see.” As never before, we believers need to be righteous and pure before God and clear-eyed to see the danger around us in these final days.

Do that today. Ask His forgiveness of your “lukewarmness.” Confess the sins you know about in your life and trust Him to forgive you (1 John 1:9). Then He’ll do more than that, He’ll cleanse you of “all unrighteousness,” which means the sins of which you are unaware, but guilty.

And if you’ve never accepted the free pardon that Jesus Christ purchased with His death on Calvary, you can do that right now, too. In fact, in Revelation 3:20, Jesus says that He stands outside the door of your heart and patiently knocks. He promises, “…if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.”

As you read this, many of you “hear” Him knocking at the door of your heart. Don’t leave Him standing there. Open your heart to Jesus and, just as He promises, He will come in and fellowship with you.

Simply invite Him in. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins. Ask Him to become Lord of your life. Believe that He has done so and accept His free gift of pardon. Just like that, if you are sincere, you have become a part of God’s “forever family.” Now, you need not fear what waits for you after this life, you’ve just changed your destination reservation! You are bound for heaven!

Finally, now that you’ve joined God’s family, ask Him to guide you to a solid, Bible-believing church. As we near the end of this Age, the Apostle Paul warned that these would be “perilous times.” You will need the strength and encouragement that comes from fellowship with other sincere believers. And you need to continue to grow in the Word of God. So find a church or fellowship that believes, preaches, and trusts the whole Word of God, not just the “feel good” variety.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’ May 10th, 2013 {Video}

By Hal Lindsey

Bill Ayers is the “unrepentant terrorist” in whose living room Barack Obama began his political career. During his notorious Weather Underground days, Ayers lost his girlfriend when a nail-packed anti-personnel bomb she was building exploded and demolished a New York City townhouse. He is now married to a woman with whom he once shared an FBI wanted poster.

Though Ayers has said that he doesn’t regret building and planting terrorist bombs during his anti-Vietnam War days — in fact, he laments that they “didn’t do enough” — he realized that his armed rebellion wasn’t succeeding. So Bill Ayers discovered a more effective form of subversive, anti-establishment rebellion: education.

In 2006, Bill Ayers, who is now considered an “Education Theorist,” told the World Education Forum, “Education is the motor-force of revolution.” And make no mistake, Bill Ayers is no dummy. He knows what he’s talking about.

As an “education theorist,” Ayers teaches teachers how to teach. He specializes in elementary schools. His goal is to have as much impact as he can on the thinking of as many small children as possible. He does that by influencing their teachers. To that end, he travels and speaks around the country. He writes popular books on the subject. He’s honored by universities.

On last week’s Report I made a rather clear statement of why I think America is in such trouble today. I said, “At every level of education, the textbooks, the videos, and the day-to-day teaching techniques were all devised in the God-hating ivory towers of American academia.” Just one of those “devisers” in God-hating American academia is Bill Ayers. There are thousands more like him.

And these people, who seem to despise everything that America stands for and provides for them, are strategically placed to alter the thinking of America by altering the thinking of her children. And they’ve now been doing just that for generations!

Folks, it grieves me to say that too many Americans have allowed the schools to replace their influence in the lives of their children and grandchildren. I think it may be too late to reclaim these generations. But you can still have a tremendous impact on your children and grandchildren if you begin today to take an interest in their lives. Help them with their schoolwork; cultivate their knowledge of spiritual things; teach them about our heritage as Americans and Christians; make certain they know who Jesus is and gently lead them to accept Him into their lives. It may be too late for the masses, but it’s not too late for the tiny members of your family.

Start today.

Last week, a blogger on CNN’s Belief Blog made a clumsy attempt to equate me with Muslim imams who stir up their followers to violent jihad. In so doing, he bought into the prevalent technique practiced by the global media and American politicians. It’s called “False Equivalence.”

That means claiming that two things are the same when they are actually very different. A “false equivalence” is nothing more than a cunningly crafted lie.

Here’s the “false equivalence” that seems most common today. Pundits, politicians, and airhead celebrities keep saying — or implying — that fundamentalist Christianity is just like fundamentalist Islam. I suppose they reason — though I think most are incapable of actually ‘reasoning’ — that since both are called religions and both have adherents who practice the ‘fundamentals’ of their faith, then they must be ‘equal.’

Can you see the false equivalence? Radical imams stir up their followers to do things like the Boston Marathon bombing. So the pundits and politicians try to imply that Christian ministers do the same kind of thing, that is, stir up their followers to wreak havoc. Of course, they can’t find one, but that’s not important to them.

Trying to imply that the two are equal is a lie. But it’s a lie with a purpose. And the purpose is not necessarily to turn the masses toward Islam, but to turn them away from Christianity.

On this week’s program, I’m going to show you some basic reasons why equating Christianity with Islam is, at best, ignorant or, at worst, a demonic lie. Simply put, to equate the intolerant, violent, domination-oriented teaching of Islam with the love and forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ is not only wildly inaccurate, it is deviously misleading.

I believe that “false equivalence” is an evil ploy devised in Satan’s war room. And it’s now beginning to yield wildly successful results for the forces of darkness. Just witness the latest assault on Christians and religious freedom in, of all places, the military.

Radical atheist Mikey Weinstein has the ear of the Obama administration and the Pentagon. Somehow, he has intimidated the Defense Department into threatening to court martial any Christian in our armed services who dares to share his or her faith in Christ. Though public outrage has forced the Pentagon to walk that threat back a few steps, it still hangs like the sword of Sophocles over Christians in the military.

And what “false equivalence” did Mikey Weinstein use to convince the Pentagon that Christians are dangerous? He publicly insists that a Christian sharing his or her faith with another person is “a version of being spiritually raped.”

Romans 1:28 says, “Just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind.” What else but depravity of mind could account for such a jarring inability to reason? And what’s even more frightening is that the leaders of history’s most powerful military force are apparently dumb or devious enough to buy into the fallacy!

Folks, it’s alarming that just 18 months after the military — at President Obama’s insistence — rescinded its “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy governing open homosexuality, the new policy for open Christianity in that same military now seems to be “Don’t tell, or else!”

Welcome to the America of the last days.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’ May 3rd, 2013 {Video}

Hal Lindsey1

By Hal Lindsey


Last February, President Obama stood before the assembled houses of Congress to deliver his State of the Union address. He spoke of pursuing “the remnants of Al Qaeda.” He said, “Today, the organization that attacked us on 9/11 is a shadow of its former self.”

A shadow? Recent events have proven that Al Qaeda is far more than a shadow. The terrorist organization and its affiliates exist all over Africa and the Middle East, with cells in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, including the United States. It even publishes a slick, online magazine!

Al Qaeda can trace its roots to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Over the next several years, the U.S. and its allies poured billions of dollars in aid, expertise, and logistical assistance into helping the resistance fighters known as the Mujaheddin. We helped build the extensive, fortified tunnel complexes in which Osama bin-Laden later took refuge during the U.S.-led coalition invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. We even sent our two best fictional fighting heroes, Rambo and James Bond, to assist them!

Now we’re facing again the enemy that President Obama describes as a “shadow of its former self.” Except this time, ironically, we are once again lending assistance.

The United States has been providing substantial “non-lethal” (so we’re told) assistance to the Syrian rebels or “freedom fighters,” as they’re known in the mainstream media. Some of our national leaders have even been calling for “boots on the ground” military action on their behalf.

Until recently, that is. Now it is becoming apparent, as The Wall Street Journal reports, that “Al Qaeda [is] increasingly dominating the opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.” So, it’s beginning to dawn on the Obama Administration that by assisting the Syrian rebels, the U.S. is assisting Al Qaeda, who will be in charge in Syria when Bashar al-Assad finally goes down.

As if this couldn’t get any messier, Britain, France, Israel, and now the United States itself, have all gone public accusing the Assad government of using chemical weapons against its own people.

Why does this complicate the situation further? Well, because President Obama has emphasized several times that the use of chemical or biological weapons by the Assad government will be a red line that they dare not cross. Or else!

And now that they’ve crossed it, what does the President do? Well, he’s been pretty vague up to now. And after all, these were only “small attacks.” And we don’t really know if Assad ordered them or a local commander took the initiative. We really can’t be sure about the “chain of custody” of those weapons of mass destruction. Or… or… or…

His solution? Let’s just have a United Nations commission study the situation and get back to us on it. Seriously!

To be fair, as the British say, this is a sticky wicket. The President is obligated by his own words to deal harshly with the Syrian government. Yet if he does anything meaningful against Assad’s government, that means he’s helping the rebels, and that means helping Al Qaeda — even though it’s only a “shadow of its former self.” And helping Al Qaeda means helping the most ruthless terror organization in the world get its hands on Syria’s extensive chemical and biological weapons stockpile.

As I’ve been saying for years, appeasement and procrastination buys nothing but more trouble later. By not dealing head-on with Iran and Syria before now, the U.S. is virtually backed into a corner.

Folks, there are no good options now. And, as far away as Syria may seem to you, these weapons falling into Al Qaeda’s hands represents a real threat to our nation, Israel, and Europe. No matter how we personally feel toward the present leadership of the United States, I believe we must do as the Bible bids and pray — earnestly — for our leaders. Especially that God would grant our President supernatural wisdom in this situation.

Over the last three weeks, and as we learn more information, people keep asking how Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could have been involved in the Boston Marathon bombings. Why can’t they believe it? Because Dzhokhar seems to be a “typical American kid.”

What does that mean? The New York Times cited a Kaiser Family Foundation study. The Times headline was revealing: “If Your Kids are Awake, They’re Probably Online.” The writer made a chilling statement: “The average young American now spends practically every waking minute — except for the time in school — using a smart phone, computer, television, or other electronic devices.”

In other words, media and school occupy almost all the waking hours of America’s young people. Uh-oh!

I can’t think offhand of two more potentially treacherous or corrupting influences in the lives of our children than “the media” and “the school.” And that’s where they spend ALL of their non-sleeping time.

On this week’s program, I’m going to look at precisely what that may mean to our children and how those two influences played out in the life of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The media devalues life and desensitizes us to death and suffering. It promotes violence and tears down traditional moral values. Academia teaches our children to hate God, Christianity, and America and its traditional values. And I’m not exaggerating one bit.

In the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, add the volatile influence of a Muslim family and mosque. Then stir in the growing slick media influence of organizations like Al Qaeda, whose internet magazine, “Inspire,” depicts Muslim terrorists as powerful, romantic, mysterious, and important, and it’s like pouring gasoline on smoldering embers. It’s an explosion waiting to happen.

If you haven’t been paying attention to these two facets of American life, you’re in for a shock. I believe that, overall, it may be too late to reverse the damage the media and academia have inflicted on America. But it’s not too late to intervene in the lives of your children or grandchildren and make a difference — by God’s mercy and grace.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’ April 26th, 2013 {Video}

Hal Lindsey1By Hal Lindsey


In the 1970s and 1980s, I led many tours to Israel. Back then, I would take my fellow travelers up to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. We carried our Bibles as well as our cameras. We would see Jews wandering freely among the trees and buildings on the Mount. I would seek out a secluded part of the 35 acre plateau, away from the mosques, and we would have an impromptu Bible study. We would all hold hands and pray. It was always a special time for the members of the tour to be able to stand in a place that held such meaning for our spiritual heritage.

Beginning in the 1990s, that all changed. As the Muslims were given greater control of the Temple Mount, they pushed for even more. By mid-decade, I had been arrested three times during my visits to the Mount. Twice for carrying a Bible and once for holding my daughter’s hand.

Today, non-Muslims visiting the Temple Mount grounds are shadowed by Muslim “officials.” You can’t even appear to “pray” without facing arrest. Muttering under your breath is dangerous.

Recently, a member of the Israeli Knesset (Israel’s parliament) told a reporter that she was considering a visit to the Temple Mount. MK Miri Regev wants to draw the public’s attention to the fact that it’s “illegal” for a Jew to pray while on the Temple Mount. She said, “I don’t understand why a Jew is not allowed to pray in the most sacred place for him — the Temple Mount.”

Well, that statement has caused somewhat of a panic. She even has one of her fellow MK’s cautioning that merely mentioning the subject may ignite a “third intifada.”

If you remember, Ariel Sharon touched off the extremely violent “second intifada” in 2000 when he visited the Temple Mount. He, too, was a Member of the Knesset and had made all the proper arrangements and secured the proper permissions. But the mere presence of a prominent Jew on the Mount send the Palestinians into a frenzy.

Of course, now we know that Sharon’s visit was merely an excuse to begin a pre-planned campaign of violence against Israel. A campaign that was waged to force the world to force Israel to cede even more control of the area and of Jerusalem to the PLO.

But that’s the point: everything is intended to give the Muslims more control. If you’re an American of any vintage, you know the saying: “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.” I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think that adage was coined to describe Islam. However, it does. Perfectly.

Have you noticed that there is no other religion, ethnic group, or national group (with the possible exception of the homosexual community) that evokes more “walking on eggshells” than does Islam and Muslims? Entire governments are terrified to utter those two words — Islam or Muslim — for fear of saying something “offensive” to them. And what happens when you “offend” Islam? Well, you may die! Or your neighborhood, city, or nation may be thrust into violent confrontation. If you’re lucky, there will only be aggressive and vulgar protests. If not, your whole neighborhood may be burned to the ground.

I’m just thankful that Islam is a “religion of peace.” At least that’s what Muslims say and all of our living past presidents and our current Administration agree. So it must be true. And if you disagree, don’t do so publicly or you’ll be sorry. Just ask Paris or London or Madrid or New York or Mumbai or Fort Hood or non-Muslims in Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and, now, Boston.

God help you if you’re a Jew or Christian caught in an Islamic nation. The “religion of peace” wants a piece of you. Just ask Pastors Saeed Abedini or Yusef Nadarkhani, both languishing in Iranian prisons because they refuse to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ.

I am genuinely grateful that our fear of Islam hasn’t quite brought America to its knees yet, but I see evidence of that happening all around us. It’s sad and embarrassing to watch the contortions the mainstream media and our government officials go through to avoid saying what the Tsarnaev brothers posted in the social media: they are (and were) Muslims and they want (and wanted) to wage violent jihad on nonbelievers (also known as ‘infidels’) and apostates (also known as ‘moderate Muslims’).

Please forgive me if you’ve noticed more than a touch of frustration at what I see happening in our nation. We have already forgotten a great lesson from our own recent history: it’s more important to be ‘correct’ than ‘politically correct.’ The Bible warns that a nation that has been given great light from God, and rejects it, will be given a mind, by God, that cannot even think in its own best interest. That’s a perfect definition of ‘political correctness.’ And that’s what’s happening in America right now.

But you may be asking yourself a very legitimate question: why are otherwise smart people so confused about Islam? Many Muslims, and not so many non-Muslims, seem to genuinely believe that it’s a “religion of peace.” That’s because there is a dramatic contradiction within the foundations of Islam itself. Once you understand this contradiction, you will be able to see the danger Islam poses for the rest of the world as a whole and for each of us individually.

I’m going to show you some of those contradictions this week and, hopefully, help you understand why Islam, by its very structure and history, cannot be a “religion of peace,” but must be just the opposite: a religion of hatred, violence, and war.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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